There are four official towers and several subsets. When the fallen were cast to earth they developed for towers which are mainly ways of dealing with their sudden demise. The leader of the towers are Dominions. there are only four Dominions who rule over their towers. Slightly down the ladder are the Centurians. Most people just associate with a tower without a title.

1. Azrian This tower beleives to undo their fate is to undo the curruption that has taken over the church and true faith. The church has been taken over by the witches as a powerhouse of control of society. Azrians seek to return true faith and remove the witches from the church.

2. Nephilim This tower is sore over what has befallen them. they are angry and resentful. they are hard on everyon, including mortals. the only ones that do not feel their anger and pain are the innocent.

3. Albigensians This tower is on a mission. As if in responce to the Nephilim’s anger they strive to protect the mortals, even from themselves. They see themselves as continuing their mission from heaven here on earth.

4. Dionysian This tower beleives in redemption through self experession. They take this concept to extremes. They avoid normal mortal life, prefering to stick with fringe groups and artistic types.

Chandalas are fallen who do not take a tower. They travel alone or in small packs. Fallen look out for each other and do not snub any for not conforming to a tower.

The Lost are fallen that have for some reason lost their connection with what they once were and turn insane. They can be among any tower and if they are aware of this factor will hide it. But they may not be aware of being lost.

The Harliquin are an extreme form of lost. They are not an offical tower of fallen but are recognized enough to be an unoffical one. Where a lost fallen will take glee in combat, harliquin will dance on the entrails. They are recognizable by the carnevale masks and costumes they don.


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