Other Creatures in this world

There are many things that haunt this world besides fallen. It follows it a history that starts with the fallen. Something they are not proud of and work to fix.

When the fallen were first cast down they mingled with mortals, tried to become part of their world. In this effort they bore children, giant monsterous children. the Grimori were monsters upon the world. Before the fallen could put a stop to this menance of their own creation the Grimori hid from them and mingled with the mortal population. Their offspring are the witches of today. These men and woman of power work to control the world. Witches are numbersome and powerful in their own rights. They seek to kill the fallen, or capture them to make more witches.

In their search for power the witches created the vampires and werewolves. The vampires were their first creation that rose up and became indpendant. They work and fight the witches at their own whims. The witches continued to create werewolves as protectors and zombies as mindless servants.

When a vampire attempts to turn a fallen into one of their own, the reaction is called a faceless one. these shadow of creatures have no personality or ruminates of their original self. they are shadows that still have great powers. Fallen will put down faceless ones immediately out of pity.

Fallen see three types of mortals upon the world. Sheep, wolves and innocent. Sheep are the majority of people who live their day to day lives without breaking out of the mold. Wolves are those that have. They are people who go their own way for individuality and self expression. Innocents are important to the fallen. Children and the naive are sacred in a way. Fallen will go out of their way to protect or avenge an innocent.

The cherubim are a sect of angels who are very angry over what happened to the fallen. they have vowed to make they pay. they do so in the form of the Oubilette. They also stalk fallen in the real world, but rarely do the fallen know.

Other Creatures in this world

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