Fallen Basics

There are a number of things to consider with the fallen. First is the different personality aspects.

Ananda is a state of bliss. Each fallen has a different thing that can cause this blissful state and persue its pleasures regularly. These extreme pleasures are so enticing that when in Ananda the fallen is unable to react properly in any given situation. The expection to this is the Dionysians. They revel in this state to the point that they are able to enjoy it and still be aware of their surroundings. They are even at an advantage should they be in ananda.

The Oubilette is the closest thing fallen get to sleep. For 29 minutes a day they leave this world for something akin to a dreamland. This land is full of symbols and inuendos and real life dangers. Fallen both respect and fear the oubilette, knowing that the Cheribum actively hunt and torment themt here. A fallen can put aside the daily trip to the oubilette for up to three days, then they are forcibly taken. THere are those that can drag a fallen into the oubilette, and powers that allow them to enter it at will.

Sinscrit is the Fallen way to communicate. They hide code in poetry and stories for others to find. All fallen know this form of communication.

True Name is the name the fallen was known as up in heaven. Here on earth they do not go by this name and are aware of powers that can be used against them should someone find it out. This is their dearest secret.

Covens are what fallen gather themselves into. Sometimes they are mixed and more often they are tower specific. THey range in size from three to many. These are you friends and comrads in battle.

*A note about morality. the morality of fallen is different from those of mortals. fallen have walked the world before there was time and judge things by the harsh rules they have come to know.

Fallen Basics

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